Implications of being harnessed by the spirit world

It is my considered conclusion, after nearly 2 decades of contemplation of my exposure to the realm of spirits (the souls of human beings) that we on Earth are not alone. I am not, however, suggesting that the Creator (of all that is) is directly involved in our lives (He may be!). The Creator (definable as God) does not, as an external influence on humanity, have to intervene in our affairs. From my understanding of the metaphysics of Hinduism, God is both transcendent and immanent; that is, both out there and, simultaneously, within each of us. That is, we may be seen as ‘of God,’ even as we reach out to the distant Divinity which beckons.

Neither am I claiming that there are extra-terrestrials out there (with some, possibly, already among us) who share our interests and ideas of well-being. Of course, it is also possible that some extra-terrestrials might prefer to take a bite out of us (collectively) than feed us (or otherwise tolerate us). Indeed, while we Earthlings look for water on uninhabitable planets, there may be a species out there interested in tasting the fluid in our blood vessels.

Instead, it is my belief, based partly on the reliable advice given to me, that I have a spirit guide (for which I am most grateful), and that advanced human souls in the spirit world, describable as ‘higher beings’ (my spirit uncle’s words), involve themselves in improving Earth-bound human relations. In the light of the deplorable levels of morality displayed by many political leaders globally, and the supercilious superiority claimed by some adherents of institutional religions, should we be surprised? There is a grave need for uplifting our collective morality before the Sixth Extinction overwhelms us.

All that our caring ‘higher beings’ need to do is to harness suitable candidates and ‘send’ them to locations where certain changes in human behaviour and attitudes are deemed desirable, and possible. Each could be the vanguard for a gradually rising tide of like personalities involved in the process of societal evolution. The Australia of the late 1940s was a most suitable candidate; it was certainly a backward nation in terms of human relations. Its white superiority had to be eroded; it could not claim to be Christian otherwise (not with a coloured founder).

The candidates chosen by the ‘higher beings’, acting as catalysts for attitudinal changes – particularly in relation to the great civilisations of history – would be assessed as capable of having their souls strengthened by the tribulations they would need to undergo – much in the way that fire tempers steel. There would be many such catalysts in the world at large right now.

Looking back at a whole lifetime, with an ego-less perspective, I accept that my vicissitudinous transit on my personal river of destiny has tempered my soul. For that, I am now – at last – grateful! Hopefully, my contribution to the plans of our ’higher beings’ was adequate.