How do we access memories from the past?

In the early 1950s, an Asian student in Australia met an immigrant English girl of about his age on a sight-seeing coach. Strangely, there was soon a palpable affinity between them. When her only brother, an RAF pilot, died during the Korean War, the Asian became her surrogate brother. In turn, she stood in the place of his sisters, whom he missed. They then became ‘blood brother and sister’ through sharing a little blood in their wrists, in the manner of an indigenous (Native) North American tribe.

Then, for the rest of their lives, they backed up each other emotionally through the vicissitudes to which they became exposed; there were plenty on both sides. Considering this unusual bond between them (which others had also noticed), the Asian sought a connection in a past life, through auto-hypnosis. Lo and behold, he saw twin brothers: here was the explanation. The 2 minds had instinctively felt the link from the past when they met, seemingly by chance. While one could also argue that they were meant to support each other in a foreign land, it required them to ‘remember’ each other across time and space.

In the event, did not their respective minds carry an unconscious trace or memory of their past-life bond? This is a simpler explanation than one which requires the 2 minds to tap into the ether for a link: why would they consciously seek a past-life link in the normality of life?

That the human mind can carry memories after death was demonstrated by the spirit of my uncle who manifested himself to my clairvoyant. He said that he had been sent to offer me advice. The evidence of his mind and memories at work is unchallengeable. He obviously did not need a brain or body (of form and substance) to communicate with the clairvoyant (in thought); or to hear, and respond to, what I said. He may have been able to see me too.

Obviously the mind goes with the soul to which it belongs. What is not clear to me is how a reincarnated soul, in a new Earthly life, might consciously tap into the record of its past lives held within its mind, and do so reliably. Since reincarnation is clearly intended to enable the use of past experiences to make progress morally, would such access be necessarily restricted to a subconscious process – perhaps to avoid an overload of information?

This brings me to the question challenging me all my life – how do I know what I know? Is there perhaps an access key to the vault of my hidden historical knowledge?