Everything is connected to everything else

“The physicist David Bohm, one of Einstein’s protégés … took the implications even further. He discerned that if the nature of the subatomic particles depends upon an observer’s perspective, then it is futile to search for a particle’s actual properties. … In his plasma experiments at the Berkeley Radiation Laboratories, Bohm found that individual electrons act as part of an interconnected whole. …

To those who saw the implications, Bohm shattered the useful but limiting premise that led science to its many achievements in modern times, crossing a new barrier beyond which lurked the unknown, a scientific twilight zone. … Negating the ability of the human intellect alone to fathom ultimate reality, Bohm then challenged the scientific world to adopt a more profound understanding. …

Within the fabric of reality, Bohm found not just the wave/particle duality phenomenon … but also an interconnectedness, a Non-Space or Non-Local reality where only the appearance of waves also being particles exists. He saw, perhaps intuitively, that it is ultimately meaningless to see the universe as composed of parts, or disconnected, as everything is joined, space and time being composed of the same essence as matter.

A subatomic particle, then, does not suddenly change into a wave … it is already a wave sharing the same non-Space as the particle. Reality, then, is not material in any common sense of the word. It is something far more ineffable. Physicists call this ‘Non-locality.’ Mystics call it ‘oneness.’

… Bohm evolved a yet more profound understanding, that of an interconnected whole with a conscious essence, where all matter and events interact with one another, because time, space, and distance are an illusion relative to perspective. He developed, in fact, a holographic model of the universe, in which the whole can be found in the most minimum part. …

Actual location and, by extension, the shape-shifting of particles both manifest reality; in fact, they exist only in the context of relative appearances. Bohm discovered that everything is connected to everything else, past, present, and future, as well as time, space, and distance, because it all occupies the same Non-Space and Non-Time.”

(What can one say about such a novel and challenging insight into reality? I can visualise a young dragon flying over a lush wilderness on Earth, occupied by all manner of animals – ranging from water dwellers, to comfortable carnivores and other occupiers of the land, to birds of the air.

Is the dragon real or mythical, something created by human minds? What if it is as real as the bacteria affecting all known animal species but which they do not know exist, even as they are symbiotically linked in life?

What is intriguing is that an eminent research scientist of the modern Western world has offered a perspective which has intimations of ancient conceptualisations of reality from the East! Clearly, an open mind is called for.

The above extract is from ‘Forbidden History’ by Douglas Kenyon (ed.))