Is there evidence of advanced cultures in pre-history?

In the dusk illuminating the terrain of pre-history, there are many specialists seeking, sorting out, and speculating about the cultures (and civilisations) which may have existed, but which, in the opacity of very distant times, have left few traces.

Yet, the sudden emergence of an advanced civilisation of Egypt (which may go back 30,000 years) ; the highly complex cosmology of the ancient Hindus (which, according to verifiable astronomical data, apparently goes back thousands of years); the megaliths in the Americas and elsewhere whose construction cannot be explained; the mysterious Nam Madol complex in the Pacific with its associated rice fields in the Philippines, have not been explained.

Non-specialist writers have written of their speculations, seemingly without affecting the researchers. The perennial problem is the question asked by the principal stakeholders – ‘Where is the evidence?’

The following extracts from ‘Musings at death’s door’ throw up yet more questions.

“Cayce’s somnambulistic reports suggest that the refugees who fled the land of Atlantis (for the existence of which there is no evidence) were a progressively warlike and brutal people possessing advanced technologies. These enabled them to indulge in nuclear wars, using flying machines. When their home blew up and was subsequently inundated, they moved to Central and South America, Egypt and other parts of Europe, where they had passed on their skills. So said Cayce while seemingly in a trance.

Strangely, some of the writings of India refer to flying machines (and how to build and operate them), and what seem to be nuclear weapons. Were they all myths or a reflection of reality?

To complete Cayce’s picture, the peaceful people of the islands of Lemuria in the Pacific were allegedly forced to migrate to parts of America and to the Asian mainland when rising seas (reflecting the end of an ice age in the northern hemisphere) drowned their homes. True or false?

Yet, there is a recent claim (by Oppenheimer) that mankind’s original civilisation was in South-east Asia and the contiguous lands extending farther into the south east; and that when this land was flooded, the people moved north and west, all the way to the Middle East and regions east of it, transplanting their cultures to become the Mesopotamian and Indus civilisations.

This is not to ignore the strong probability that massive cosmic catastrophes, now accepted as part of our reality, changed Earth and its occupants. … A cosmic catastrophe can explain the Senmut Ceiling in one of the pyramids of Egypt which is said to show the sun rising in the West. The Great Deluge of ancient history, referred to in all cultural memories, is said to have wiped out more than 95% of all forms of life, and made barren most of Earth. There may have been more than one such deluge.

Considering the busy traffic up in the heavens, it is surprising that great cosmic catastrophes are not more common.”