Is Consciousness shared by humans and extra-terrestrials?

Who would not want to know how we modern human beings came about? When we compare the spiritually and emotionally advanced individuals in all civilisations, both current and in the known past, with the acquisitors extraordinaire, whose capacity for rapacity exceeds that of the fiercest carnivores, I am tempted to consider that, morally, we are less advanced than the carnivores. After all, they kill only when in need of sustenance, not out of greed, or of a proclivity to acquire, and then to leave it all when they are themselves placed in the ground eventually. And Man does not seem to mind the carnage he causes, in both human and environmental terms.

If we are all projections from the Ocean of Consciousness, that ever-existing ether flux, then there has surely been a significant deviance from the intended template for mankind.

More significantly, in spite of any differences in form and in the substance which gives them shape, any extra-terrestrials will also contain their share of the flux from which they too would have arisen. This would explain any help they might have given mankind. That we remain as backward as we are morally would not be their fault, would it?

The following extracts from ‘Musings at Death’s door’ touch upon the probable role of our ‘relatives’ out in space.

“Viewed realistically, the moral progress of human souls through the eons of time that would seem to be involved should not be impacted by the structure, shape and substance of the container, the human body. … … There would seem to be a long road ahead for us. I hope to enjoy the journey, learning, learning, ultimately understanding what being a part of the Cosmos is all about.

The current occupants of other star systems may provide evidence of the variability of form and structure potentially available in the Cosmos. Currently, we know that there are planets associated with other suns. It seems highly probable that intelligent life has evolved on some of these planets. The form and structure of such mobile life would surely reflect the physical conditions prevailing. Such life may be more advanced than we are, both morally and technologically. … Some of the most advanced extra-terrestrial forms may not wish to meet a species so underdeveloped as we might seem to be.

It has been suggested that the occupants of a watery planet associated with the 3-sun Sirius planetary system might have been involved in the development of ancient Egypt, which displayed such superior mathematical and construction ability of unknown provenance. More importantly, how did the Dogon people, now resident in Western Africa, come to know about the 3 suns of Sirius without the aid of technology? Has our development been facilitated by spacemen? … ….
Against that, the scholar who wrote about the giants who ruled Earth claims that the Sumerian culture (in old Mesopotamia, now Iraq) was the first human civilisation established by the giants. This was followed by the civilisation of Egypt, and (later) another to the east of Sumer (location unknown), possibly in an area now within Iran.

The massive building blocks (weighing tons) of the temples and other places of worship, or for observation of the heavens, in Central and South America, Egypt, and parts of the Middle East, suggest the builders were not mere mortals of the human kind, or were in possession of technologies now lost.”