Implications of a cosmology based on an ever-existing ether

There are some extremely difficult concepts to grasp and understand in this alternative cosmology based upon an all-pervasive ever-existing ether; yet there are scientists whose speculative approach on cosmogony is based on such a premise. Could it be that, without such a foundation, the current mechanistic framework may prove to be inadequate?

The alternative cosmology requires us to accept that this ether is the substrate from which ultimately arises the material world we conceive of as the Cosmos, the totality of all that exists at any time in one form or another. This seems to be the view of scientists such as Dr. LaViolette (I have come across another scientist who has offered a comparable perspective).

The next step in this framework involves the acceptance that matter is continually created. No big bang, no big crunch, no expansion of space (whatever that means), perhaps no space-time involving the bending of space (anyone seen it bent?), and time being no more than the way we humans experience it (reflecting the sequence of events affecting us), and so on.

Well, that is for the cosmologists and other scientists to sort out in time; perhaps a long way down the track. We just do not know enough about it all. An open mind would help find the truth.

Then there is also the Hindu concept of this ether containing a creative capacity in an ethereal dimension. This foam of existence, seen also as the Ocean of Consciousness, is said to be the Godhead from which arises, every 622 trillion years, a replaceable Creator referred to as Brahma. He creates a cosmos with cycles of growth and suspension of great duration within his lifespan. What is significant is that this all-permeating Ocean projects not only this Creator, but also becomes part of all that is created.

That is, each human being contains part of this background ether, flux, or ocean of consciousness. Presumably, this is what we consider to be the soul, that entity which continues to exist, from Earthly life to Earthly life.
This explains the belief that the human mind is only an instrument of consciousness.

When the insubstantial spirit of my uncle had a silent dialogue with my clairvoyant in my presence, he displayed the existence of his Earthly mind, the memories he carried within it, and his knowledge of his second language, English! No amount of unbelief or scepticism can change that. What has been experienced has to be accepted, rather than sought to be explained away to fit in with one’s ideological or religious conditioning.

The tragedy of current life is the persistence of closed minds, conditioned either by institutional religion, or a limited scientific explanation, or a peculiarity of the modern age – that of the certainty of personal belief. Such claimed certainty can be buttressed by misrepresentation of what is being denied, attacked, denigrated – all in the name of Self!

Against that, scientists and philosophers keep searching with open minds. There lies hope that eventually some light will fall upon the perennial question – what are we, and where are we going!