A few considerations arising from another cosmology

An open-minded freethinker, not intellectually bounded by any conditioning of a religious or other cultural mode of thinking, is free to allow his/her mind to roam all over the terrain of attempted explanations about human existence, and its habitat, the universe. All manner of possible worlds, and possible universes (captured in the concept of Cosmos) will rear up on their hind legs, asking to be counted in any scanning. A quick scan is probably what can be achieved within a lifetime.

An emeritus professor of physics, who is working on developing a Theory of Everything, told me that researchers like him call upon the maths which is there to be accessed. Mathematics is both beautiful and confounding (and beyond my understanding). That it is ‘out there’ waiting to be used is just amazing. The details of scientific research on cosmology, while intriguing, make me think of a little mouse nibbling its way around a biscuit; what would be left after such research? A mathematical image of scintillating opacity, of what we imagine to be real? And indeed it may be!

The flowing extracts from ‘Musings at death’s door’ touch lightly upon some considerations arising from an alternative cosmology.

“The alternative to knowing what Earthly life is all about and our place in the universe, the methodology of science, is however clearly limited. It does offer a tentative or temporary certainty. Yet, with only five senses, their processor (the human brain) may not be able, ever, to perceive through the scientific method the deeper and exceedingly complex reality of the physical universe which cosmologists have conceived. In science, verifiability is essential. Where then?

Contradictorily, the Upanishads claim that the human mind is not conscious. It is only an instrument of consciousness, a seemingly all-pervasive phenomenon or facility. If so, could this amorphous consciousness enable some rare human minds to perceive the reality of the physical universe correctly, in spite of being unable to communicate this vision in a verifiable way?

Borrowing from concepts derived from attempts to achieve a grand unified theory in physics to explain the totality of the universe, especially the concept of ‘nested’ fields of force surrounding the smallest particles to the largest objects which interact with one another, could consciousness be seen as akin to a massive field of force comparable (say) to an electro-magnetic field? I like the idea of a few evolved minds able to ‘perceive’ the Cosmos as it is, even if they are unable to tell us.

I can believe that a Creator (not an anthropomorphic one shaped in the image of Man but perhaps an amorphous intelligence) did put out some form of energy, drawn from the Ocean of Consciousness, and that this had the capacity to evolve and to form extensions, forces, facilities, fields or what-have-you, all capable of evolving in their own respective ways – the process of evolution being variable too.

I can imagine the physicists’ nested fields of force having arisen from an Ocean of Consciousness; that Brahma (the Creator god) and we humans also arose from that Ocean; and that Brahman, the permeating essence of all existence, that basal amorphous intelligence, is that Ocean. I have obviously drawn this perception from my reading of the Upanishads.”