Were human civilisations destroyed from time to time?

There are many who believe that the process known as evolution brought humans to the top of the animal kingdom. Indeed, militarily and even societally we repeatedly demonstrate that we very much part of this predominantly brutal kingdom of tooth and claw. But then the theory of evolution has not yet been shown to be relevant when it comes to inter-species evolution.

In spite of the genes we share with so many other species, are we really the unintended product of evolution? Where did the 223 genes we not share with any other species on Earth come from? (Refer Zachariah Sitchin)

There are even more optimistic commentators who believe that the conditions for life on planet Earth are so specifically suitable for mankind that this planet, and possibly no other planet, was meant for us. How did this happen? If by design, by what influence or means? Were we shaped (by whom or what?) to enable life on Earth? So, will there be different species of hominids on other planets? And, in other universes, will there be life forms composed of divergent materials, and possibly subject to different laws of physics, chemistry, and the like?

The Bible refers to the creation of ‘the Adam.’ Not Adam, a person. Sitchin tells us this term is to be found in both Genesis (1.26) and in Sumerian cuneiform texts. He claims that the Biblical Elohim (the Sumerian Anunnaki) genetically engineered Homo erectus to create Earthlings, to serve as serfs. Homo sapiens was created by ‘the gods,’ giants from the planet Nabiru. The era of the gods and that of men were apparently separated by the Great Deluge, dated about 13,000 years ago! However, the extra-terrestrial Anunnaki do not seem to have created any great technologically advanced human civilisations.

Yet, there are hints that technologically superior cultures had built the mysterious Nan Madol in the Pacific (together with the great rice fields in the Philippines), and all the other gigantic megaliths in various parts of the world. Clever men have reportedly arrived by sea, helped human societies here and there, and then left – presumably using the same high-tech vessels. Indian writings of old mention what seems to be aerial warfare. I have actually read a book purporting to be a copy of an ancient document showing how to build and to operate a vimana, a flying ship. Apart from the huge stone structures, there is nothing to indicate that advanced cultures of human beings or extra-terrestrials existed on Earth in the distant past.

The Universal Deluge and a number of cosmic cataclysms (eg. the impacts of the remnants of the supernova Vela), no matter how challengeable they might appear to be, may have buried or drowned earlier advanced cultures. The impacts seem to have been of a horrendous size and nature. The lack of agreed evidence, since it may never be overcome, would leave us believing in nothing other than our current technological (but not moral) superiority as a species. Is that really a great achievement? Is that enough to justify the exploitation to non-existence of scarce resources on Earth, the killing, the maiming, and residential dislocation of human societies that is going on in the name of the god of the protagonists?

In the event, what excuse can we offer to avoid being destroyed almost totally through the next cataclysm? Remnants are necessary to build up the next civilisation!