The origins of advanced science in pre-history

Assuming that ancient mythology reflects a high level of scientific knowledge, and that this knowledge is yet ahead of modern cosmology, how did that come about? Dr. LaViolette wrote thus: “Meanwhile the pressing question still remains. How did such advanced scientific concepts come into the hands of ancient civilisations? … Perhaps the ancient science was developed by a civilisation that left behind few traces of its existence, and that concentrated on developing the inner faculties of the human mind … “

How did the ancient Hindus acquire their cosmology, which offers variability within durability? A cosmos which could include (possibly) an infinite number of universes, within a cycle of 311 trillion years of activity, followed by an equally long term of inactivity, contains smaller cycles of activity and suspense. Time – reflecting only a passage of events – is broken up into fragments not used by us. While exponents of modern speculative theories may pooh-pooh such foreign concepts, how do we reject this ancient paradigm?

Dr. LaViolette also states that “The existence of certain artefacts requires a re-evaluation of the technical sophistication of ancient cultures.” He cites “the complex gear mechanism retrieved from a first-century BCE Agean shipwreck … determined to be part of a mechanical computing device used to predict the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets … The two-thousand-year old electric storage batteries unearthed from an Iraqi village … the metallic bell-shaped vase dynamited from solid pudding stone in Dorchester, Massachusetts, in 1851. The vessel is composed of an alloy of brass, zinc, iron, and lead and is decorated with beautiful floral designs made of pure silver.”

He then refers to the megalithic edifices in Lebanon, the Andes, and elsewhere, the construction processes of which cannot be explained. The possibility of an involvement of an advanced race from another star is also raised by him.
He is not the first author to suggest an extra-terrestrial contribution to Earth. Other authors have also written about findings of gold chains and other comparable artefacts which do not fit the low level of technology estimated to have prevailed, as well as about the strange individuals who had come from the sea to assist certain early human societies, and then left.

We do seem to be somewhat limited in our knowledge of our ancient pre-history. To what extent would that be due to the alleged ‘knowledge filter that protects the ruling paradigm’? Fortunately for mankind, there are many open-minded scholars amongst us.