Back to the future in cosmology

Under this heading, Dr. LaViolette (a multi-disciplinary scientific researcher) states: “ … long-cherished theories about our universe are crumbling before us … revealing a boundless expanse of space and an infinity of time … Galaxies no longer rush away from us at incredible speeds, but instead float gently in the waters of the cosmos … In this new view of things, the mythical Big Bang has become an imaginative thought of a past era. Creation, which was thought to occur in the briefest of possible moments, now proceeds over countless billions of years … We recognise that the matter composing the Milky Way and other galaxies around us arose through a process of continuing creation, each galaxy’s family tree stemming from a single self-created subatomic particle lying within its matter-expelling core.”

This is news to me. I wonder if fellow bloggers had been made aware of such astounding changes in the way cosmology is currently perceived by current researchers.

Moving on. LaViolette continues thus: “It is impressive that creation myths and secret lore of ancient times describe a cosmology that finds validation in sophisticated astronomical observations secured only in the past few decades … our civilisation is just now arriving at a level of understanding about the physical world comparable to that of these early mythmakers … As we review the concepts presented in these ancient metaphorical ‘texts,’ we are confronted with advanced ideas at every step … “

The laymen of this world need other mythologists to evaluate LaViolette’s reading of the myths we have inherited from pre-historic societies. However, his interpretations are fascinating.