The ferocious certainty of the ignorant

Recently, a retiree with allegedly ecclesiastical connections spoke of the Christian God; yet, he accepts that there is only one creator god for the universe. It is decades since I was invited, again and again, to join the Church for my salvation; yet, I was told that I would not have to behave differently after becoming a card-carrying Christian. But, I would be saved. From what? Since there is no limbo, no hell, no damnation, no devil; and the only evil on Earth arises from within the minds of humans … … !

In nations with majority control by any one of the major religions, how are the religious minorities treated? How are the less-viable members of the controller-faith also treated? While mankind awaits the seemingly inevitable war of civilisations (rather, wars between religions and/or political values), the ferocity of the truly ignorant drives much of ordinary human relations, as well of international relations. Among the intolerant, it is not the man-in-the-street, but the politicians and their priestly acolytes who, if there were a just interventionist god around, would have their heads turned to face the correct way.

The following extracts from ‘Musings at Death’s Door’ touch upon the above issues.

“ Fortunately, those of us who do not seek anything from God, but merely wish to respond to that innate need to reach out to a Creator, can freely bypass an institutional intermediary.

The major religions, apart from metaphysical Hinduism, have nothing meaningful to offer those of us who seek guid¬ance as to our place in the Cosmos and its meaning. Yet, they all offer a code of ethics, based on mutual obligation derived from being co-created. Stripped down to their core message, all the major religions are equal in their potential to guide us as to how we should live with one another.

… … Currently, some church leaders are opposing the provision in public schools in my State of classes in ethics for those children (the majority) who do not wish to attend scripture classes. While the Bible would be presented during school hours (by mainly lay persons) during scripture classes, the children not learning about the Bible are not taught any¬thing.

… … In this secular nation, which should keep religion away from governance, powerful politicians of a strongly religious affiliation have successfully inflicted the limited ethical values of a small minority of the population onto the whole nation. Being free to follow their own values is not enough; the whole nation must kow-tow to their foreign leader’s pronouncements. His authority, as applied by weak politicians, even of different faiths, disallows a kind release (death) for those who cannot clearly be assisted medically and surgically, and who are in unalleviated pain (so-called palliative care being no more than theological sophistry in such a situation).

A painful death is God’s Will? Or that of an authoritarian priesthood, and its brain-washed followers in politics? Currently, nearly 80% of the Australian want voluntary euthanasia. The 17% who oppose any such right (the remainder not being sure of their position) are the brain-washed who accept that quaint claim that a zygote (a recent fusion of ovum and sperm) is a human life, and that all human life must be protected under all circumstances. Since abortion is thus a sin, some of the right-to-life believers will kill abortionists and their patients – all in the name of their god!”