An interventionist God?

Institutional religion requires God to intervene in the lives of individuals. Such intervention may also be invoked or sought for the plight of specified groups of people, or even for nations. It is all a matter of faith, based principally on a need for succour; naturally, priesthoods have to offer, even uphold, the line that beneficial intervention is worth seeking; indeed, God may provide.

No human being of the kind we have had, or have now, can ever prove the negative (academic philosophers excluded). A classical example is an eminent scientist claiming that there is no God; but cannot prove that.

As I once said to my little granddaughter of age 5, who kept looking for the fairy I thought I saw in a nearby clump of bamboo (we tropical people like the bamboo), it is impossible to prove that the fairy is not there. Similarly, my fellow grandpa (aged over 60 the same week), and who is part Irish, could not prove to me that the leprechaun I thought I could see in the same clump of bamboo is not there.

So, how does one prove that God does not intervene in our lives? Indeed, how does one prove that it was God who miraculously cured someone of, say, cancer? We are stuck with Carl Sagan’s adage that the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. How true! How true!

Has God ever intervened in our affairs? For those who believe that He/She does, how explain why intervention is lacking when thousands of innocent women and children are currently being blown up by adherents of at least 3 major religions as ‘collateral damage’ by modern warfare.