Going home through death’s door

When released from Earthly life, I will go home – so I believe. Why should not every human being do the same? Is exceptionalism the new fashion? How so? A right to decide, no?

I have known people who claimed that each human life is no different from that of my favourite pooch I used to address as Stoop (short for Stupid) or the Persian (a cat, obviously) to whom I was a favourite. A few of my current church-attending friends do not expect to enjoy eternal bliss in Heaven; but are also not sure what to expect. Other nice people, without a religious belief, just do not know. So, how can I claim to be an explorer returning to base?

At its non-ritualistic metaphysical or philosophical level, Hinduism (as I understand it) suggests to me that everything in existence (and temporarily non-existent) is cyclical in occurrence. Just as the totality of the Cosmos is said to be subject to a gigantic cycle of 3.11 trillion years (yes, trillion), so my sojourn on Earth is cyclical.

I am said to have originated as a projection from the Ocean of Consciousness in order to be offered an opportunity in life after Earthly life to upgrade myself morally. Ultimately, I may qualify to return to that Ocean. Life between Earthly lives will be in a domain, in another dimension (possibly nearby), which I see as a recycling depot, or an R & R (rest and recreation) post. I am happy with this scenario. It makes sense. It is internally consistent.

Don’t like it? Just wait and see whether a right to decide a post-Earth existence (or non-existence) permits a correct conclusion. Of course, we could all be wrong! Or, the ancient Hindus knew what they were telling us.