Dying – Part 2

Dying, that is, leaving the firmament of Earth, is the only event promised to mankind. God may not be involved. The words of the clairvoyant (whose reading of the future for this Hinduistic client had proven correct on every other count) now resonate with the reality of the client’s life. She had said that he would die when his brain died. As his brain is being denied a full flow of blood – because his well-used heart is weakening, and is not pumping as well as it had until recently – he realises that, in truth, he must be dying.

But, is he? He is without any emotion on this matter. And his brain continues to scan the universe of existence, to seek patterns, and to store them in his mind. He expects to take these with him when he ‘collects his wings.’ He has evidence that the mind is part of the soul, from the way the insubstantial spirit of his uncle was able to communicate with his clairvoyant and to also respond to him personally. To him, reliable experiences of a extra-sensory or psychic nature are more relevant and real than the beliefs of professional sceptics who unrealistically expect the scientific method – which he had studied – to deal with non-repeatable, unverifiable, un-measurable, un-documentable events. To him, those who ‘know’ what others could not possibly know are a soul-hazard.

He is indifferent as to whether death will be slow or sudden. What does it matter? But he does not want the experience, recounted by his doctor, of a man who had climbed a ladder for good reason, and died while he was on it! No one can say when death will arrive; even his spirit guide is silent.

When, in his disastrous youth, he had felt a terrible urge to kill himself on a couple of occasions, his second foot would not leave the ground; something had held it tight. On each occasion, he had been emotion-less – before, during and after each non-event! He had indeed been emotion-less for some time; and would remain so for a while. Existence meant nothing to him then.

Having lived, like a slug, at the bottom of a deep, deep well which denied entry to even a skerrick of light (probably for ever), he knew quite a lot about hopelessness, being without faith of any kind, and any thought or emotion. It had been a trajectory of minimalist survival.

Yet, against the odds, he had been saved. He had survived. He had then continued on his path of existence, paddling his frail sampan as best he could on very rough seas. He had lived most frugally at all times (as foreseen by a yogi and other clairvoyants), while enriching his mind and soul.

The probably close approach of death now gives him joy! Release at last! And he promises to sue any medico who resuscitates him. The Hippocratic Oath says ‘Do no harm.’ It does not say ‘Save lives any cost’ (especially that to be borne by the patient).

He finds pondering death and speculating about his new home fascinating!


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  1. Hi Raj, I feel that this is one of your better pieces of writing. It resonates with every man’s soul or whoever claims to have one. Regards Kumar

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