Dying – Part 1

“When your brain dies, you will die” said the clairvoyant. That is not a message of relevance, thought the client. My brain is far too active; it will not die by itself. “When?” he then asked. “Can’t tell; not allowed” was the response. “But, you did tell me 15 years ago that I had nearly 20 years to live, when I felt that I had only about 5.” She was silent.

He did understand, of course that, then, she had given him the normally expected message – of a long life. He had discomfited her by asking “What’s the good news then?” He was unsure as to why so many people seem to want a long life (with all its pains, physical and social). He suspected that this stance reflected a fear of death. What is there to fear, he asked himself. This is not a question to ask of others.

The end of the previously nominated 20-year period came – and went. He kept living. Since he remains organically fit, he tells his doctor that he intends to die fit! And his brain continued to investigate all manner of things, especially to understand collective human behaviour.

For instance, he confirmed his suspicion that Christianity had begun as an offshoot of Judaism; hence its reliance on the Old Testament, and its fearsome God. He suspected too that the 3 ‘desert’ religions were war-like faiths because of their cultures; that is, instead of culture reflecting religion, these 3 religions reflected a shared culture – attack, conquer, control! Was the need to acquire an integral part of their culture? Did not that culture reflect the barren terrain these people lived on?

Had the ‘forest’ religions of India displayed a comparable characteristic in their formative periods, he wondered. No evidence of that. Indeed, the lush growth of the forests would have enabled the rise of civilisation. Did Genghis Khan foster a religion to reflect his culture? Again, no evidence to support that. Are his tribo-cultural descendants entitled to claim a right of return and control of the lands of his empire? Perhaps not! His God may have forgotten to promise him these lands.

Suspecting that he is on that slippery slope offering release from the treadmill of Earthly existence, he who wished to know when he would move on, continues to acquire understanding which he can take with him one day.