Hidden Footprints of Unity – Dedication

‘Dedicated to my grandchildren –
who know not the boundaries of culture
or see any skin colour’

(This simple dedication is predicated upon the merging of tribal and geographical origins. Initially, a German couple with a powerful historical name arrived in Australia in the early 19th century. The blending with Anglo-Australians in subsequent generations ended with a cultured Italian input. A product of the latest blend married a Hindu Asian, producing 2 slightly-tinted offspring in the second half of the 20th century in Australia.

At the time of his marriage, the Asian’s family background in Asia included a Chinese and a Malay. This extended family then expanded to include a Burmese and another Chinese.

The 2 young Asian-Australians with that rich heritage were brought up exclusively as Australians, for the simple reason that their mother was Australian, while their father was now an Australian citizen. They were therefore acculturated to fit into any level of Western society.

One of these offspring married into an immigrant English/Irish family; the other into a family with European antecedents. Their children, my grandchildren, are citizens of the world (having seen some of it already), as well as citizens of Australia. Their friends and contacts in school and sport are multi-ethnic, and Australian to the core. They subscribe to a single uniform culture.

These children/young adults represent the new Australia, distrusting politicians as a class (a long Australian tradition), and with no need of priests of the divisive kind. They can deal with their generation in the lands surrounding us as equals, and with panache!)