The Karma of Culture – Dedications

Dedicated to –

All the babies
who wiggle their
toes at us

“It is wisdom to live in the world
In the way the world lives”
-Tiruvalluvar (Kural 426)
(South Indian Weaver Sage, 2000 BC)


“Two birds of beautiful plumage, comrades
Inseparable, live on the self same tree.
One bird eats the fruit of pleasure and pain;
The other looks on without eating.”
– Shvetashvatara Upanishad (4.6)

(I offer extracts from the Upanishad, which offers wonderful understanding, if not guidance, about the possible path through the Cosmos for Mankind. I also offer Tiruvalluvar, an Indian sage, whose advice is both locational and historical (as with other great guides for mankind), while highlighting universal societal codes of behaviour based on right conduct.

As for babies, with their wiggly toes and gratitude for being loved, what can I say which we do not already know?)