Extracts from reviews of ‘Destiny Will Out’

• Emeritus Professor Jerzy Zubrzycki (Sociology):
“The author is well qualified to comment on burning issues of ethnicity, tribalism and cultural hegemomy ………..”

• Associate Professor Greg Melleuish (History and Politics):
“……..honest, insightful, and marked by a genuine perception of the workings of Australian culture and society.” “………provides an intelligent and spiritually perceptive man’s views and reflections on how Australia has changed over the past 40 years…..”.

• Jason Soon (in “Policy”, for the Centre for Independent Studies):
“………authentic testament of the migrant experience in the midst of the White Australia Policy…….”; “………interspersed with charming homilies and thoughtful commentary about Australian society and its reaction to the substantial contact with people of non-European origins……….”
• Dr. John Atchison (Classics, History and Religion):
“A rare blend of experience, reflection, and strong judgements, grounded in keen insights.”

• Probus News:
“Totally fascinating and thoroughly recommended.”

• Robert Purves (Barrister-at-law, UK and Australia):
“Full marks for the penetration and perspicacity or your observations, the lucidity of your English, and the wealth of detail.”

• C. Rajadurai (Retired University Bursar, Malaysia):
“I enjoyed your language, particularly your humour and quotes.”

• Philippa Cairns (ESOL Co-ordinator, New Zealand):
“………his experiences of emigration to Australia and subsequent struggles to understand and come to terms with the culture are where he affords insight and sympathy with the new immigrant’s plight.”

(When I published my first memoir ‘Destiny Will Out,’ I had obtained approval for the book only from my wife and then the Editor of the UK publisher. The reviews which followed, only some of which have been mentioned above, were fantastically supportive.

That inspired me to write the next two books, because emptying my memory-bank led to so much relevant material, especially of an analytical content, being written down.

Six years later, I found that I had 2 books. Both received such strong pre-publication support that I decided to have them published as well. The books are ‘The Karma of Culture’ and ‘Hidden Footprints of Unity.’)