Benefits from other forms of spiritual healing

I also took my wife to see the healers who had improved my knees and legs. Early in the session she was asked, “What happened to the baby? I sense a baby here.” Dear me, that was a shock! We had lost our first boy on the day he was born. A few minutes later the healer said, “I sense another two spirits – twins. All three need to be despatched.” These were my wife’s next pregnancy, with premature birth and again death. The “dear ones” were duly ‘despatched,’ and my wife and I have not grieved as much since as we did for thirty years.

How does one cope with such psychic experiences? We simply accepted them, now knowing that there is more to life and death than we ever knew or than is taught to us. “…when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth,” says a writer. These healers certainly were most helpful.

Curiosity again took me to see two Filipino healers. One ‘massaged’ me and said that better health would result from the application of my belief in the Creator’s ability to work with me on the cure I sought. It was a form of faith healing but the faith was in the Creator working through the healer. That seemed reasonable.

The other member of the team ‘operates’ by using his fingers. I have neither seen nor experienced this. But I have seen photos of his operation on someone I know, and she did benefit substantially from the treatment. Her friends, whom I also know, watched the whole process and took photographs for information.

Similarly, my Chinese Aussie GP and a group of fellow medical practitioner sceptics came back from the Philippines with a video record of what they had seen; a thumbnail healer operating. They saw it and could not believe it. On the contrary, another Aussie GP friend watched his wife’s ‘operation’, then had treatment himself. He accepts what he experienced, but he cannot explain it.

If we cannot explain the mechanism or the process underlying an event, then the event cannot have occurred, is what we are told repeatedly (even if the event did occur). Yet, strangely enough, we accept something called the mind, but cannot demonstrate what or where it is, nor the mechanism whereby my mind tells me to pick up a glass of drink successfully.

Psychic phenomena attract without regard to ethnicity or cultural background. They also bring the Westerner closer to the Easterner in adopting the less materialistic and the more freedom-oriented view of existence. The bottom line for me is that one of the gurus I consulted advised that those seeking spiritual enlightenment should not allow themselves to be deflected by psychic phenomena, however interesting that might be. Apart from which, there is a relevant question one needs to answer. If one can cope with the information acquired through psychic competence, how does one use it?

Those Christians I met, who had fallen off the straight path of their faith and had relinquished the security of salvation they had been born into, and were now looking for explanations for the nasty things in life which had afflicted them, but without relying on the unsatisfying mantra, “It’s God’s Will.” Inevitably, they were drawn to reincarnation and its consequences. Some became Buddhist, others took up other forms of Christianity which seemingly permitted them also to believe in the laws of karma, and yet others took to the New Age platform. Many of these New Agers were influenced, in an extraordinary way, by US-based gurus who simply know what is, and therefore, what these seekers need to do. The authority of the vendors of these ‘truths’ is matched by the uncritical acceptance of the recipient who (so often) then authoritatively bludgeons anyone slow enough to be ear-holed. As Emerson said, “The faith that stands on authority is not faith.”

(The universe of undeniable personal psychic experiences, and other manifestations or occurrences indicating paranormal activity, have not been adequately explained. I believe that the above extracts from ‘Destiny Will Out’ bring that out.

Denying that they happen is ridiculously foolish. In any event, Russian scientists have long been believed to be investigating such matters. New forms of reference will no doubt evolve gradually, in the way that Lamarkian inheritance of acquired characteristics may become acceptable, as will epigenesis, a phenomenon which seemingly bypasses the genetic pathway.

The physical world is as wondrous as is the human mind. And when one considers the Hindu view that the mind is only an instrument of Consciousness, one can only hope that Mankind will not be held back, as it was over recent centuries, by the claimed infallibility of necessarily temporary experts.)

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