Challenging experiences

Challenging experiences
My most intriguing experience at that time, and the most challenging intellectually, took place one warm summer night at the seaside. A friend and I were lying on the sand, watching the sky, and talking casually. Both of us saw the shooting star at the same time. It shot across the sky, not down. Then it stopped. We had expected it to disappear (as we discussed later), but there it remained for about a second (who was counting?). Then it changed direction, at an acute angle. Shortly, it stopped, turned again at another acute angle, shot across the sky, and disappeared.

That was no shooting star. There was nothing man-made in the skies (this was long before Sputnik). Nothing made by nature or by man then could do what we had seen. What could we say? I said nothing for forty years.

In a way, it was not that different from a similarly confusing experience that I had as a youth. I saw from the edge of a field a man lying on a sort of mattress on the grass. The showman erected a rectangular screen, using bamboo stakes and cloth. There was a lot of drumming and chanting, and, lo and behold, when the screen was removed, there was the mattress suspended in the air. The man was still lying on it. There were ropes dangling from each corner of the mattress and swaying freely in the breeze. Mass hypnotism? With me at the edge of the field?

Until a few years ago I was not prepared to admit that I actually saw what I saw. In all these years I knew that I had seen it. I also knew that I could not have – science says that it cannot happen. What happens when what cannot happen happens? And that was the question I was left with regarding myself.

(This extract from ‘Destiny Will Out’ identifies my introduction to the third component or dimension of my 3-part reality. The first two obviously are the material and the mental worlds or domains; the third is the spiritual domain.

Claiming to have seen evidence of levitation to my guardian, with whom I had no rapport, was a no-no. Talking about extra-terrestrials and spaceships over Australia in the late 1940s was also a no-no because Australians seemed to have a strange fear of invasion – from Indonesians to Martians!

Then, in my early 60s, the spirit world presented itself to me, leaving me confused for 2 years. More recently, I was shouted at in a public place by a casual clairvoyant I had just met because my spirit guide was complaining to her that I was not listening to him; and she could see him, and then described him.

I believe that I am now tuned-in correctly. Naturally, I am grateful for the 3rd component of my reality. It is far more interesting, while challenging, than the mundane material and the uplifting mental spheres.)