The lord of his domain

There he was, sitting upright, receiving the warmth exuded by his audience, and responding to all that with a joyous look. When members of his audience applauded his appearance and his demeanour, displaying open mouths and teeth, he responded with a cheerful open mouth and toothless gums.

When the initial exchange of mutual approbation had begun to wane, he blew bubbles of baby spit at the nearest checkout lady, on whose counter his mother had seated him. When the checkout lady responded by pretending to copy him, but blowing air at him, he chuckled with that joyous sound that only a little baby can produce. There was so much joy at that supermarket checkout counter that the other checkout ladies and their customers took time off to enjoy one of nature’s gifts to mankind – a happy baby!

To me, every baby, human or animal or bird, is a miracle. The production of a new member of the species is nature’s way of ensuring continuity of existence. Until they become stroppy teenagers (but not many of them do so), human babies, like all other kinds of babies, are a great joy.