Yet more known unknowns

I am not sure how I will deal with unknown unknowns, but there are surely enough known unknowns to keep my thoughts afloat. It is also interesting to conceive of thoughts which float, against thoughts which sink, or just lie uselessly dormant. Anyway, thoughts are indeed strange things (or are they events?) because they can pop up uninvited. If a thought is like a lost pup, with little wisdom attached, how do you tell it to go home?

I can remember a small young dog which entered the back yard of our home, but would not be guided out to the street, where it might remember where it came from. Since it had decided to stay, my little daughter cared for it, while my wife placed notices on the nearby shop windows about the dog. Then, after quite a few months, the dog disappeared. It must have decided that it had other business elsewhere. (My daughter was naturally devastated.) Some of my thoughts are like that dog; they take off in directions unknown.

One thought which has persisted for years is about those massive stones carved and built into towering structures by some early human societies. I think about Britain’s Stonehenge, and the huge pyramids in Egypt and in the Americas. I wonder how Stone Age societies, possessing only stone tools, could have moved, worked, lifted and built such huge blocks of stone into impressive structures. Did space travelers build them or assist in their construction? What technology was involved, and where it that come from? Where is it now?