Clarifying my position

I noted recently that WordPress has deemed as scam more than 150 responses to my 100 or so blogs. Why would anyone be upset because I represent a open mind sustained by a spiritual  belief? Could I have upset someone because I claim that, as my beliefs can be neither proven nor disproven – scientifically or by some other reliable process – so are their beliefs? I do not accept that atheists are that egotistical, but certain believers in institutional religions might be. I therefore challenge the right of religious institutions or political organisations and their followers not to deny my right of conscience, when I do not deny theirs.

I do support human rights (which the Australian and other Western governments preach to others) through a statute; and the highest level of human compassion (already available to family pets) through the availability of voluntary euthanasia (with appropriate constraints), while rejecting counter-arguments such as ‘killing,’ or ‘the slippery slope’ or other theocratic obfuscations. Let us not tell one another how to behave, just because someone says so. There are no infallible leaders, no chosen people. That is my belief, but I do not shove it down anyone’s neck!

And I do remind those financially and societally irresponsible supporters of thousands of asylum seekers who demand to stay, and at taxpayers’ expense, that it is far too easy to be charitable at someone else’s expense. Think first of the national interest, in all its facets! This suggestion applies particularly to certain politicians.

How about a little more tolerance please.