Wonderful news about my books

I interrupt my soliloquy about issues of possible interest to sensitive readers, to inform my followers, with great joy, that 4 of my 5 self-published non-fiction books have been recommended by the US Review of Books (a rare accolade, says the Review). The Karma of Culture and Hidden Footprints of Unity : beyond tribalism and towards a new Australian identity were, together with Destiny Will  Out : the experiences of a multicultural Malayan in White Australia, were written in response to a suggestion from the spirit world (yes, I have undeniable reasons for accepting the reality of this world).

The suggestion I received was that I could ‘contribute to building a bridge from where I came to where I am.’ It took me 2 years to realise that I could do that through my writing, using my own settlement experience, as well as my work experience, over nearly a decade, on migrant settlement policy issues. KoC and HFoU received the accolade only within the last 2 weeks. DWO, which is out of print, will be re-published soon.

I believe that I have done what was suggested. Encouraged by pre-publication endorsements and/or past-publication reviews, I wrote a memoir, The Dance of Destiny. A recommendation from the US Review followed. My last non-fiction book, Musings at Death’s Door : an ancient bicultural Asian-Australian ponders about Australian society is a series of essays, including 2 brief chapters on religion and the Cosmos. This attracted another recommendation from the US Review. Both of these books were endorsed and reviewed most favourably.

Then, for fun, I published Pithy Perspectives : a smorgasbord of short, short stories. This received 2 excellent reviews.

All 6 of my books are, or will be, available as ebooks for $US 2.99 each at Amazon Kindle Direct. What the books are about is set out on the Publications page here; the Accolades page covers the endorsements and reviews.

My royalties from Amazon will be donated directly to Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres). Please consider informing your friends about my books. I thank you in anticipation.


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