More random thoughts on Australian society

Australia does not have a population policy. Its immigration policy is to increase the population, as quickly as possible, preferably with Christians (a shift from earlier decades when white Roman Catholics had priority). An underlying aim seems to be to have the greatest variety in ethno-cultural origins. This would result in an attenuated capacity (through a dearth in numbers and voting power) for an ethnic community to get its hands on the political levers.

Currently, the Celtic component of the Anglo-Celt Australian reportedly controls both federal policy and the administration. This might explain why, although Australia is claimed to be a secular nation, a bill of rights (or a statute of liberty) or voluntary euthanasia (sought by more than 80% of the population) is denied. Public statements recently by a professional ethicist and an official theologian did not mention compassion, only (their) freedom of conscience and other self-serving concepts. You can’t have what I am not allowed to have – is what this says to me. My question is this – why should your right of conscience deny me mine in a democratic nation? As a communitarian small-l liberal, I stand for responsible freedom. (Read my book ‘Musings at Death’s door.)

While welfare is so readily available (even to undocumented, unidentifiable, economic immigrants), there is seemingly an adequate disincentive for many unemployed to go to where the jobs are. Indeed, there is an incentive to move to low-employment districts, especially for empty-nesters. The disability pension is also said to provide a financial incentive to the long-term unemployed. I have met a few in each of these categories.

Then, there are the dysfunctional families. Reportedly, thousands of children are at serious risk of bodily harm; the likely perpetrator is the new boyfriend of the mother. There are also the homeless living on the streets; many may be suffering from mental problems. There is also the issue of defining mental ill-health. An expert claims that 1 in every 4 of the population is mentally ill. Others now claim that sadness (surely a temporary experience) indicates mental ill-health! We are fast becoming a sick society.