Where do I go from here?

As a metaphysical Hindu, I expect to be ‘recycled,’ and to return to yet another Earthly life some time later. (Would time matter at the Recycling or Way Station?) Partly by cultural conditioning, partly through some visions I had when I sought to peer into my past lives through auto-hypnosis, and partly through some reading and logic, I believe that my inner self, my soul, is an on-going entity, and which is reborn on Earth in order to purify itself morally. I do like the idea that I will ultimately return to that Ocean of Consciousness from which we humans had apparently originally arisen.

It is only a belief, but it ties in together some experience, some knowledge, and some intuition. Was some part of my intuition influenced by higher beings in the spirit world? Why not? I am not that clever.

Influenced by my age and infirmities, I have begun to ponder about the After-life, the Recycling Unit. I have been told that I could continue my lifetime search for learning (and understanding) there; but I will not meet God there. The latter is of no concern, as my vision of the Creator (abstracted from Hindu philosophy) does not involve a being with form and substance. In any event, Hinduism (and possibly other religions) claim that the Creator or God is already within his/her creations – that’s us!

What will this next temporary home, the After-life, be like? Since I would surely be insubstantial, as the appearance of the spirit of my uncle – the one who faded away – implied, I would not need a place of substance, would I? If so, it must be in another dimension. (I note that the physicists studying the structure of the universe also refer to the number of dimensions they require.) In that dimension, will there be day and night, or the seasons? I was told, however, that this After-life will not be ‘that different’ from here. What a terrible disappointment! But how could that be?

If my concept of a personal destiny is correct, then my life between Earthly lives will be a freedom-filled karma, quite unlike the constraining, judgemental version of Hinduism, at least as taught to me. There will also be no place for the New Age idea of a returning soul being counselled about, or choosing (under guidance), the life to be experienced. Why would I have chosen, or agreed to, this ridiculous life? See http://ezinearticles.com/?expert Raja A Ratnam for my articles on this and related subjects, as well as ‘The Dance of Destiny.’