Does the spirit world involve itself in Earthly affairs?

On the basis of my experiences in the last 2 decades, yes! The pathway to this conclusion is curious. I do feel that I have been led to this acceptance, and to learn from it. Dr. Radhakrishnan, a former President of India, reportedly claimed that life is for learning. Not so; we can have fun too, even by probing into matters not normally perused. I have enjoyed my trek through the mists of imagined reality.

I retired early because I was tired of being victimised; it is not a pleasant experience near the end of a working life. However, now I suspect that this may have been part of a strategy from elsewhere. I mean, any moke can be yoked. Am I being frivolous? How would I know?

In retirement, I first read about the prevailing views of the physicists about the origin and structure of the universe. Then I turned to the major religions. Not much help there either, except for some very complex, presumably speculative, cosmology of the Hindus. Strangely, some of the physicists had used language similar to the language of the Hindu philosophers in their speculative expositions about the structure of the Universe. The concepts were indeed wondrous, but where is the evidence? Perhaps, until the evidence reveals itself, it is imperative that we have a mystical vision of what might be our reality.

I am now mindful of the Hindu concept of maya. Our perception is neither real nor unreal; not what is perceived, or that which is there! Plato’s concept of perception as unreal may, however, refer to that which is the subject of our observation.

I then read about e.s.p., having been introduced to it in my youth through my studies. Filled with curiosity, I sought clairvoyants who had been vouched for by those of my friends who too were Seekers (of understanding).

The first clairvoyant stunned me by saying he had the spirit of an uncle before him. I had no knowledge of the existence of the spirit world. ‘Higher beings’ had sent my senior uncle, as he was the one I was ‘most likely to accept.’ Correct! How could anyone know that? He advised me about my spiritual development, since my material world had been destroyed. He also said that the spirit world had experienced some difficulty in getting me to Australia. I was not amused, as I had had a most disruptive and difficult life in this country, even as I had achieved some leadership positions in civil society.

My uncle’s concluding message was that I could ‘contribute to building a bridge’ from where I came to where I am. So, I began a reclusive life and have written 6 books, 3 of which relate to cross-cultural matters of great significance. The other 2 non-fiction books highlight Eastern spirituality, while covering many more substantial issues of historical relevance. Both have been recommended by the US Review of Books; one of these has received a Gold Seal of Literary Excellence. See ‘Publications’ on this website.