Experiences which throw some light into existence

What credence can be given to certain experiences linking living human beings and the spirits of those who are now not on Earth? I knew a clairvoyant who sought assistance from his spirit guide the night before the planned consultations with clients he has never met. In one instance, he claimed to have received medical advice from a recently deceased medical specialist intended to help a client who would arrive the next day. In my case, I had asked for an appointment purely out of curiosity; and yet had been presented with the presence of the spirit of my uncle.

Another clairvoyant I met during my investigation into such matters received advice on the spot from her Healer spirit guide. So she said. By referring to an alleged past-life trauma of mine (which I rejected), a particular ailment was cured. When I claimed that memories of my past lives surely remained in my possession, she responded that her Healer had access to them!

Yet both clairvoyants showed that they were aware of the presence of the spirits of my dead children – by number, and by gender! I realised that I could be too sceptical, and thus deny myself some potentially valuable insights normally denied us.

Then there was a ‘channeller’ in Britain who apparently fell asleep in the presence of a small study group. In a voice not her own, she would talk to the group. The voice professed to be an ‘old soul,’ available to impart information about the place of humanity in the firmament. Such information would, however, be circumscribed by the capacity of the listeners to understand, he allegedly said.

What of that famous channeller Edgar Cayce, who talked about Atlantis and related civilisations now probably under the oceans? Had there been advanced civilisations in the distant past, which are now ignored through a lack of evidence? The Indian epic, the Mahabharatha, however, refers to what seems to be aerial warfare involving nuclear weapons.

So, what do we know? Could we learn from mystics by being open-minded, yet watchful? Could we live with less certainty, while being enriched by prospects of wondrous insights into the Void?