Sputniks and star-ships

One beautifully warm summer evening, when the sky was wondrously rich with little lights from space, a couple with intent non-ethereal saw a meteor falling. But not quite! It was also falling at a strange angle, not vertically. That did not cause any additional interest in the couple. They just exclaimed their joy in seeing it happen.

But, as they watched, the light suddenly stopped moving. Not possible, the pair said. The light then moved upwards (yes, upwards) at an acute angle. While they were contemplating that most improbable event, the light stopped again. Impossible, they said to each other. Yet again, it moved at an acute angle, and then shot off speedily into the distance, and was lost to sight. Unbelievable, they agreed. They had no alcohol in their bodies. Could they trust their eyes? But how could they reject this experience?

I carried my memory of this and earlier experiences until my retirement. Then I had an even more confounding experience. I then decided to write about my experiences but in the context of broader memories of relevance. See my memoir ‘The Dance of Destiny.’

My observation of a perambulating light in the sky occurred long before the Russians lifted Sputnik into the low heavens. Is there any celestial object known that can change direction as this ‘meteor’ did? Read ‘Events which could not possibly have occurred’ in www.ezinearticles.com by Raja A. Ratnam (refer http://ezinearticles.com/?expert Raja A Ratnam).

I continue to ponder these questions: What do we really know about human beings, our abode known as Earth, and the space which surrounds us with all its mysteries? How can we know anything reliably?