The Australian Aborigines were expected to assimilate; that is, to become absorbed into the mainstream population. How? De-tribalised, de-culturalised, denigrated, privately despised, abused or ignored – how where they to find their way? What happened to all that taxpayer money paid to State and Territory governments, the professional advice from fly-in, fly-out consultants, and the re-iterated policy pronouncements by mainstream political leaders?

The European immigrants were a different kettle of fish; they were not just industrial fodder. They adapted (as encouraged by the host people), but retained their core cultural identity. Indeed, some brought their tribal prejudices with them, but were advised to dispose of them. (That would take, at least, another generation.) Most integrated (but not assimilated) into the nation. That is, they fused as coherent entities, both as individuals and as cultural communities, with the host peoples. The latter reflected the earlier fusion of the varied peoples from the British Isles as Australians.

A multi-ethno-cultural national identity was achieved. In a half-century, equivalent to about 2 generations, there has been some merging of cultures. Fusion cuisine is in, as is marriage across ethnic borders. The blending of the ethno-culturally diverse intake has been successful.

However, there have been reports that Australia’s criminal class has been internationalised, and that the offspring of some refugees have been active in the drug trade. At another level, Rome’s social policies continue to apply, allegedly through its parliamentary influence, in spite of the adherents of that church representing only about 25% of the Australian population. As well, although almost all of the Islamic community are believed to be integrating well into the nation (as expected), there are some seeking some separation – through a dual legal system. It is incredible that, in the light of the equal opportunities provided by Australia, anyone would want to be different. Why not live in a country which already provides sharia law?